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How I Wash Fresh Herbs & Veggies

Don't assume the fresh herbs and vegetables recently purchased are always ready-for-use , unless the package says so. Even then, use your own discretion to re-wash or not. Also, don't assume a quick rinse will do prior to cooking. 

I remember watching a news story some time ago of how a lady's daughter became gravely ill from E. coli. It was in the lettuce she was preparing for salad. Her child almost died! This brought back a memory of how my Mom and Grandma would use a little dish detergent in their garden-fresh goodies such as collard greens and tomatoes. I remember my Grandma telling my Mom to always do that because you never know, a dog could have peed on them. Now, I always use a little dish detergent when washing my veggies. I use a small dab on my wet fingertips to thoroughly wash them. I wash all my store-bought herbs and vegetables this way. 

With my garden herbs, I rinse them then let them soak for 15- 30 minutes in a bowl of water. I change out the water, repeating the rinse and soak process until the water in the bowl is clear.
washing fresh herbs & veggies
soaked fresh cilantro
washing fresh herbs & veggies
dirt at bottom of bowl from soaked cilantro

Sometimes soaking won't help if the dirt is thick and embedded into the vegetable's crevices or core. 

washing fresh herbs & veggies
This poblano pepper is caked with dirt.
I cut the top off.


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