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Intro to gardening

Gardening is my solitude. It is my get-away from the worries that may be brewing inside me, the woes and frustrations I may have. When I step outside, I'm in a whole other zone, my zone.

I credit my Mom for my gardening passion. She, too would plant seeds each year.  Without knowing at the time and now knowing, I remember phlox, day lilies, roses, irises, and many edibles such as tomatoes, squash, okra, peppers, and collard greens.

I never had much of a green thumb until now. I used to not be able to keep a simple pothos ivy alive. I've also had my share of killing cactus plants. I still fail at plants, especially new ones. For this reason I try to stick to what I know and use repetition of plants that are tried and true. Remember, I'm not perfect. Plants that I do not do well with, I learn from. I learn if their survival was from my neglect, mis-education, or if they're just not the plants for me.

Each year I spend hundreds of dollars on landscaping items. I suppose it is my addiction. When I put my hands to a task I like the satisfaction of seeing the results afterwards. This is another reason why I love gardening. Toiling in the soil, walking barefoot on the lawn, pulling, ripping, digging, burying, these are all the satisfactions I get from gardening. There's also a nurturing aspect I enjoy with no backtalk; a hint and a wink to my kids.

I have many herbs, a rose section, privacy screens in progress, an orange tree, gardenia, a small pond, and a plethora of other perennials.

Through my gardening blogs I will share my successes and failures; lessons learned and projects, all planned and unplanned.

These are some older photos of plants I have in my garden beds.
Image may contain: plant and outdoor
milkweed & guara
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purple salvia
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Image may contain: plant and indoor
elephant ears
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Popular Posts

Grilled Peaches & Herb

Why not pair fruit with herbs? Why not grill them? Growing up, I used to listen to my Mom's records often. So, when I hear 'peaches & herb' I can't help but to remember the 1960s duo and their hit "Reunited". I came up with this grilled creation and dedicate it to 'Peaches & Herb'.

GRILLED PEACHES & HERB INGREDIENTS:6-7 peaches (real peaches, not nectarines), 1/4 tsp. nutmeg, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1/4 c. brown sugar (dark brown, light brown, it doesn't matter...just brown sugar), fresh lemon thyme sprig or 1 tbsp. (dry should be okay since the liquid from the peach will reconstitute the dryness)
TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: knife, foil, grill
YIELDS: approximately 5 cups

Rinse peachesWash the fresh herb. See blog of "How to wash fresh herbs"Layer the ingredients, peaches first, in a foil pouch. See blog of "How to Create a Foil Pouch" Grill for 30-45 minutes. YouTube

Dog & Garden Gate

My husband and son visited the local animal shelter and came out with THREE DOGS! They were on sale during the past Christmas season. 

The dogs are forbidden from my garden area. So, I had to create a boundary for them. I searched for gates and screen doors to purchase. They were surprisingly pricey. Then I studied Pinterest pins for days. Okay, I was ready- easy peasy! All I used was scrap wood, chicken wire, a staple gun, hammer, nails, spray paint, and butterflies...all re-purposed materials.

If your dogs are terrors with chewing and destroying everything, you better double-up on the chicken wire and not leave any space for them to tear through it. The key word is reinforcement!

Have fun with your gate project. Send me pics of your simple project!

Bye Bye Birdies

I have never seen so many bird nests around our yard as I have this year.
We discovered nests in my wall flower box, a crepe myrtle tree at the driveway, and in a utensil caddy near the grill. 

I understood the nest in the crepe myrtle tree, but the other two locations were brave and had me in awe that birds even considered building and raising babies there. We walk through those areas all the time! Perhaps the birds considered us loving enough to not disturb their areas. Nevertheless, I took pride in having areas where the birds felt comfortable enough to be so close, including us in their circle of nature. 

I felt a little sad when they left, as I no longer heard their endless chirping. I felt as if they didn't say 'goodbye' upon their departure. That's life. Until next Spring, 'bye bye birdies'.
birdies in flower box video