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My 30 Day Workout Check-in

Working out can be such a daunting task if you THINK it that way. I'll begin blogging my 90 day journey. I will not quit after 90 days. I have been consistently working out now for shortly over thirty days. After 30 days one can get accustomed to and will have acquired the mindset to move forward.There are several factors that motivated me to just get it done. Being tired of complaining was my main reason.

Stop complaining!
I got tired of hearing myself complain about the same old thing: my abs; well the lack thereof. My continual complaints were always "I need to work on my abs. I'm tired of sucking it in every year. I need to work out." The complaints ran more than I actually did. So follow me well when I say "I got tired of being sick and tired of saying I'm sick and tired of not working out."  That very thought and saying it out loud for the last time really resonated with me. 

Get going!
I began to work out three times a day: at home in the mornings, at work during lunch, then at home after dinner. Yes, I was that serious. Although, I hardly do three times a day anymore I at least maintain a daily regimen as best possible.
The mind is a powerful tool!
Maintaining motivation is all a mind game with me. If I think negatively, I'll get negative results, to none at all. If I think positively, I'll get up and get it done. There's nothing meticulous or methodical about me working out. I just get it done. I am working out for me and no one else; not for my husband, not for an outfit (although I still want a cute white bikini), not for a vacation, not for any thing nor anyone but myself. 

Immediate results- ha!
I used to claim to be one who MUST see immediate results. Otherwise, I would fall off the bandwagon of working out and will quit. I don't do that anymore. Whether I see results or not doesn't hinder me from pressing on. Working out makes me feel better. The results will come when they come. 

What are you weighing for?
Early on, I decided I will not weigh nor take measurements daily nor weekly. What for? I felt it would only frustrate me, as my body would fluctuate daily anyway. One week I may be where I should be, the next not so much. I decided to only take measurements and pics every 30 days. 

A food journal tells all!
I also decided to keep a written food journal. There's something more productive about actually writing in the journal, opposed to noting it in my phone or on a computer. With writing I get a sense of accountability. If I'm writing that I ate three cookies I feel a bit convicted that I knew better and shouldn't have eaten those three cookies. Why did I eat them? I needed a sugar fix. How could I have curbed it? I should've gotten a piece of fruit, made a smoothie or had a cup of tea. Ah, now I get it. 

It's up to you, Boo!
It's about self-awareness with me. I urge others to find what motivates them. You won't look like Beyonce or Taylor Swift. They are two extreme body types, but hey, most of us want to pattern a certain celebrity body type, right? My ideal body crush was Jessica Biel. What was I thinking? It aint happening. They have their own body types. I have mine. You have yours.

Stop complaining. Think positive! Make up your own mind to do what you know you need to do, FOR YOU.
30 day workout check-in
BEFORE: weight 154 lbs/ waist 37"
AFTER: weight  156 lbs (muscle)/ waist 35"


  1. Looking good, and you're very motivating!

    1. Thanks, CGPlenty! I can't see myself stopping. I see results, but more than anything I feel better. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Barron. That's my goal: pre-baby abs and just overall healthiness/ feeling great! I appreciate your comment!


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