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MY color pink

I would say my love for pink roses began with my love for the color pink. I guess it goes back to my childhood. 

Looking back, I can say we moved around more often than not, until finally settling on my step-dad's father's land in a double-wide trailer home. It was obviously a former medical office. I remember seeing labels still on the rooms that became the kids' bedrooms. It made no difference to me. I had my own room. Fast-forward to my Mom letting me choose my room color and border pattern. I chose the softest pink color for the paint and coordinating border. The border was a country theme, pink, subtle blue and a heart of flowers. I've loved pink ever since. Why? I feel it was because I was allowed to choose something for myself. I got the satisfaction of decorating my very own room! And so my love for the color pink was born.

I was drawn to the color pink in pretty much everything: clothing, shoes, jewelry, hair ornaments, FLOWERS! We once lived in a home that had huge camellias growing in front. I would pick one nearly every morning for my bus driver. In another home, there were dogwood trees that had the most beautiful Spring time pink buds forming; all in a row as though they were beautiful little ballerinas. I would break those off and put them in a mason jar of water and sit them on back of the bathroom toilet, of course with a pretty pink towel placed underneath. At another house, there were a ton of beautiful wild, pink roses, some climbers, some bushes. I would pluck those all-the-time. Whether I was happy or sad, I loved picking those pink roses. And so my love for pink roses began.

To date, I truly feel pink roses are the key to my heart, the key to me being grounded. If I'm in a tiffy (I might've made that word up, I'm sure.) mood a pink rose will settle me. If I accomplish something and no one else recognizes it I would treat myself and purchase a pink rose or even a bouquet. I used to throw hints to my husband and tell him that all I need is a simple pink rose- every now and then. Now, I just get them for myself. 

It took some time for me to learn to put myself before others and take care of me. I meant what I said. If I don't take care of myself the way I know I should be taken care of I'd only fall into worry and angst over waiting on someone else to do it. Besides, no one else can care about 'you' the way you care about 'you'. 

Stop looking to others to care about you, to validate you, to appreciate you. Value yourself first and appreciate your own attributes. Then, you will be able to observe whether others inside or outside your circle value you the same. If they do, great. If they don't, count them as a loss; not a loss to you, but perhaps as a loss to themselves. 

Go buy yourself a pink rose!


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