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My Incidental Bird Bath

I said to myself, "This thing looks like a bird bath!" What thing?  The base of an old patio table!  I took it apart and began rolling away the top. Then I began lugging away the base.  I turned it upside down and spray-painted it white. I then found the little blue birds and arranged them with blue glass beads. That's it! Of course, it's just for decor. 

Spicy Chile Dipping Sauce

Have you ever forgotten a main ingredient or condiment for a dish?  So was the case after I bought some potstickers I really wanted. I forgot to buy dipping sauce for them. I had already begun cooking them so what do I do? I did what I most often do and began opening the cabinets and the fridge to see what I could come up with. Here is my creation of a spicy chili dipping sauce. SPICY CHILE DIPPING SAUCE INGREDIENTS : 𝤿1 large garlic clove 𝤿1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes 𝤿2 tbsp. honey 𝤿1 tbsp. sesame oil 𝤿1/2 c. ginger sesame dressing TOOLS & EQUIPMENT :  𐄂small mixing bowl 𐄂 whisk                                YIELDS :  approximately 4, 1/8 c. servings STEPS : 𐄂Finely mince the garlic clove. 𐄂Whisk all ingredients together. Serve alongside your favorite item to dip.

How to Create a Foil Pouch

So, here's one of those simple posts that some may think 'really?'. Well, 'really'. There may be someone out there beginning to grill or learning to cook, in need of knowing how to create their first foil pouch. I used to make the pouches with using only one piece of foil. One piece works for small contents. I began using two pieces for larger amounts, but I found my contents having not been sealed so properly. Some of the steam would escape thereby leaving my food contents on the overcooked and dry or under-cooked side. Recently I decided to use three sheets of foil. I didn't want to essentially waste foil with using an extra piece but I had to at least TRY. I felt it would make my job of securing those contents much better and making the food turn out hot, steamy and DONE. It works!

Wow, He Did It!

My daily routine is to come home, change clothes, take a Pinterest break, then proceed with my "second job" starting with dinner preparation. Before I got out of the bedroom, I noticed a really nice surprise on my pillow. Mr. B surprised me with a very spontaneous gift of a single pink rose and a greeting card. The man listens! It surprised me so, I had tears in my eyes. Whaaaa?! Why did I get such a surprise? The card said it all. I love this man!

Basil Sun-Dried Tomatoes

I always thought the process of creating sun-dried tomatoes was difficult or that you really must leave them out in the sun. How was this going to happen considering bugs, birds, and other insects? I'm not in Rome. So, I can't do as the Romans do. This is my Texas take on creating sun-dried tomatoes. BASIL SUN-DRIED TOMATOES INGREDIENTS :  olive oil, tomatoes, sea salt, dry basil TOOLS & EQUIPMENT :  knife, corer,dehydrator, jar and lid YIELDS :  approximate jar size you use STEPS : Wash and core tomatoes. Remove pulp and seeds. Cut tomatoes in strips. Add sea salt to taste. Place tomatoes on dehydrator trays. Dehydrate for 24 hours, rotating trays approximately every 10 hours. It may take less than 24 hours. Just watch your tomatoes. If too long, they will burn. Place dried strips in jar. Add dry basil. Fill jar with olive oil. Close jar tightly. Store in a cool, dark place.

Stewart Beach- Galveston, TX

Stewart Beach in Galveston was our first family vacation venture. We hadn't been on vacations before and Mr. B decided we should just go! That, we did. Everyone was excited to pack. Of course our daughter over-packed. Who cared?  Mr. B seems to always want a carwash after getting fuel- always. Why did he forget the luggage was on back of the truck? Hilarious! Getting to Galveston we checked into a hotel and became friends with the owners. They told Mr. B he'd be considered a Pakistani king because of his physique. Whatever. Of course he took it to his head and still does to this day. We ended up loving the hotel, spending the majority of our days and time in the pool!  Visiting the thrift stores was fun. We seemed to find better finds there. Thank God, we have a truck. We almost purchased a scooter. Excluding fast food spots, most restaurants are good, too. Although I grew up eating gulf seafood, I am definitely not a fan anymore. It has a bleachy taste. There are also

Bye Bye Birdies

I have never seen so many bird nests around our yard as I have this year. We discovered nests in my wall flower box, a crepe myrtle tree at the driveway, and in a utensil caddy near the grill.  I understood the nest in the crepe myrtle tree, but the other two locations were brave and had me in awe that birds even considered building and raising babies there. We walk through those areas all the time! Perhaps the birds considered us loving enough to not disturb their areas. Nevertheless, I took pride in having areas where the birds felt comfortable enough to be so close, including us in their circle of nature.  I felt a little sad when they left, as I no longer heard their endless chirping. I felt as if they didn't say 'goodbye' upon their departure. That's life. Until next Spring, 'bye bye birdies'. birdies in flower box video