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Flower Power Plant Addiction

Okay, I admit I have a plant addiction. I can talk about plants to no end! Sometimes I purchase plants I know I do not need, but I find a spot for them eventually. This year I didn't purchase as many as usual. I TRIED to refrain from doing so, even said I'm not buying ANY plants this year. Ha! 

I read an article to create repetition in your garden spaces. This makes sense due to losing some plants that I either wasn't knowledgeable on care or they just weren't right for me nor this zone. That's another thing I learned. Just because a plant is pretty and available at your local nursery it doesn't mean it's right for the zone. Be careful of what you choose. 

I am in the process of transforming our lawn spaces into as much xeriscaping and hardscaping as possible. We have a lot of lawn and what is the purpose of it? Constant maintenance of mowing and maintaining the appearance is a chore and costly.
white oleander

Around the house
The flowerbeds consist of many native, drought- tolerant plants. Around the house> irises, nandina, daylilies, agave, turks cap, canna lilies, roses, artemesia, guara, and spike plants, to name A FEW. 
           Patio area
The majority of the plants are in this space. 
Potted> iris, nandina, cactus, canna lilies, running bamboo, purslane, orange & yellow trumpet vine, spike plants, spearmint and peppermint. Sometimes I find random plants in the pots. 

In ground> spike plants, German thyme, lemon balm, orange tree, lavender, lemon grass, sage, tarragon, garlic, lemon thyme, basil, cilantro, moonflowers, jalepenos, cherry tomatoes, oregano, oleander, hollyhocks, creeping phlox, gladiolas, elephant ears, coreopsis, daffodils, day lilies, climbing roses, Asiatic jasmine, trumpet vine, purple salvia, star jasmine, mint, and gardenia. 
lemon thyme

star jasmine, iris

butterfly feeding from milkweed
There's also a butterfly garden. Here I have milkweed, butterfly bush, and a guara plant (because I needed some place to put it). I was going to submit for a sanctuary certification, but the sign would be unseen being inside the yard. Planting another butterfly grouping is a future plan. I've also noticed a happy surprise that the milkweed seeds have flown and rooted in various areas. I love free plants. 
At season's end, I bid adieu to my Spring & Summer plants and will see you next season. However, there are many others that keep me company through the fall and winter. I'd love to hear of your plant passions and see your pics. 


  1. Nice post! Any suggestions on shade loving winter plants that will do well in pots?

  2. Thanks CGPlenty. My experience of IRIS plants are they're rather fool-proof. They're evergreen with flowers blooming in Spring. I have them in sunny and shade areas.
    I also pulled some NANDINA sprouts and placed them in pots. They're growing well.
    CACTUS, SPIKE PLANTS, OREGANO, THYME, MINT...these are others that are successful in my stash.

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