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My 60 Day Workout Check-in

This post is so overdue.  Sixty days passed and I have to admit it was a roller-coaster, not an extreme ride, just a kiddie one. I became stagnant for a brief moment. I slipped with my diet a few times. I got wrapped up in  life and missed working out seven days. Yeah, stuck in the middle of my 60 day plan is an understatement.  Before digging into my 90 day sessions, I had surgery (laparoscopic hysterectomy) with 4 abdominal incisions and what I hope to be temporary battle scars. The fibroids and excruciating pain got the best of me and it had to be done. Now, I must start over with my ab plans. Although I am back to square one I am not discouraged. I must take it slow and easy. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Pig Tail Stew

My husband loves menudo. This is NOT menudo. I didn't have all the ingredients for it. So I came up with this pork creation that he loves just the same. Serve over cilantro lime rice. Garnish it as you please, but we use Mexican green onions, red onions, cilantro, fresh lime juice, and jalapeno. PIG TAIL STEW STEW INGREDIENTS :  𐄂1 family pack of pork ribs 𐄂6 large pig tails 𐄂4 small onions 𐄂9 cloves of garlic 𐄂2 c. tomatoes 𐄂3 tbsp. sea salt 𐄂1 tbsp. black pepper 𐄂3 tbsp. cumin 𐄂1 tbsp. crushed red pepper 𐄂2 tbsp. paprika 𐄂1 tsp. garlic powder 𐄂2, 15 oz. cans of tomato sauce 𐄂1, 28 oz. can of whole or diced tomatoes 𐄂1, 25 oz. can of white hominy 𐄂1 gal. water GARNISH INGREDIENTS: 𐄂red onions 𐄂jalapenos 𐄂cilantro 𐄂Mexican green onions 𐄂lime

How I Got Into TX Homeschooling (unschooling)

I had no peaceful choice but to begin homeschooling our 12 year old. Thanks a lot for your failed efforts public schools! I'm not the mother to debunk my child's demeanor as though he's a reincarnated angel, so I will first lay out who he is. He is a very intelligent, mischievous, clever, young man. The mischievousness he gets into is always running his mouth, being very debating, and 'knowing it all'. He tends to get into much of his troubles after completing his work, becoming bored. This also happens when he knows the answers to questions or has debates about lessons. Then cue his railroad mouth. We've received several accolades from different schools and teachers of how he's such a great speaker, always debating, and will someday be a great lawyer or politician. Eek! Teaching styles matter, but are lacking. Most instructors just don't work well with gifted and advanced students. We've requested several times for teachers to always give him ex

A Weed-Free Garden Path

I got so tired of weeds and grass growing in this area! At work, many know that I NEED cardboard. Upon clean-out time I gladly end up with empty boxes. I read that cardboard provides excellent results with killing off unwanted vegetation in areas. It works! Also, the cardboard remains in place as a continual weed barrier. It's also biodegradable and allows proper drainage of water.  This is my latest project using the cardboard. I started out placing a piece of tarp in place (image 1) because I was tired of looking at the grassy, weedy area. Upon removing the tarp, you can see in image 2 how the grass died. I then placed the cardboard  (image 3) and covered it with a weed barrier (image 4). I then placed the pea gravel within the path and I love it. Now I need a dump truck load full of it to complete my other areas- to be continued.

"Dan Henry"- our resident lizard

Why did I name this little guy Dan Henry? I don't know. The name just came to me. I've seen him or the like, in the patio area before but I didn't pay much attention to it. Now, that I've tended to the patio area more, I've noticed him more. There's another one also. I assume it's his mate. I named her 'Bertha'. Yeah, it just came to me.  Dan Henry and Bertha are residents in our patio area, trekking from the spike plant corner, through the sandy pond spot, behind the garden shelf, through the potted plants, then back again. I want to assume they had eggs, but I never peered in their lair, fearing I'd disturb them causing them to never return. I love that they chose our yard as their home. I wonder what other surprise creatures we'll see. What have you seen in your garden area?