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FINALLY a pond!

What's more tranquil than the sound of water? The sound of it trickling, bubbling, streaming; it doesn't matter to me. There's a soothing calm from it. Ever since we removed a large oak tree from our patio area (it was far too close to the house), I've dreamed of having a small pond in the space. I've had my materials for a few years, the pond insert maybe longer. Now, my pond project has finally come to completion (sort of because I'm sure I'll purchase something else for the space)!

To stock the pond I plan to use lake minnows and a turtle. They're free. Besides, I'd like to try out the free minnows before purchasing a goldfish. I originally wanted koi but  upon researching I quickly learned they are not the fish for me. I wouldn't have the space nor patience for them. I'm a no/ low maintenance person when it comes to my garden projects. So, koi could not be in the plan. 

I'd love to hear your comments on this project as well as suggestions for upkeep, plants, etc. 

pond liner insert
fountain materials & liner
Here is my completed pond project and the journey taken to get there. It is now home to a few minnows, a red-eared slider turtle (that went missing), frogs, lizards, and who knows what else creeps in the area.

pond completion
BEFORE: grass kill

The pond wasn't level enough. So, i dug the hole a foot or so deeper. After getting the area as level as possible I tamped down the dirt, added a layer of pea gravel.

Then I added a layer of sand.

I purchased a liner because the pond insert had a leak I could not contain. I did a rough-fit of the pond liner and cut away the excess.

I placed the pond insert in the hole. Then I placed the liner in the pond, leaving a little excess to tuck the edges.

I placed re-purposed stones and rocks around the pond rim.

I assembled the filter fountain according to the manufacturer's directions. My husband installed a GFCI plug for outside power. I ran a cord through a pvc pipe for protection.

I filled the pond halfway with water then placed the filter inside.
As the pond filled, the water made the liner conform to the pond insert. I made sure there were as few wrinkles as possible. With it being a round pond, I created folds. I used large river stones to sit on the three ledges. I finished filling the pond with water.



little frog
minnow fish

This is one of my favorite projects. I absolutely love it. The water, the lights, the space, I love it! I often peek to see if any critters are enjoying the space as well. I visit the area almost daily. At day's end, it is very welcoming.

This little guy/ girl disappeared the next day. It was a red-eared slider turtle. I hope to get another because it was the highlight of my pond space. 


  1. Very nice! I'm sure you'll get years of enjoyment from it.

    1. I sure hope so, CGPlenty! I really want another turtle.


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