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Chili Cook-Off

It had been a long while since I made chili. With a $100 prize pot for three categories, I was down for the company turnout.  Silly me, to throw myself in the ranks with what may be some of the best chili concoctions ever- spicy, beefy, chicken...BACON! I may have my luck wavering in the wind with my chances dwindling. And so goes the saying "darn my luck". 

My original batch of chili (cooked for at least 24 hours) did not turn out to my satisfaction because I forgot to NOT use cheap beef. You know the huge black square container or the huge beef-chub tube? It's edible, but not contest-worthy. So, let's try this again. 

Thankfully, I had all my ingredients still on-hand but what about meat? I went to the freezer and voila! I had fajita meat and barbacoa! I used the fajita meat in this redo. I would've used the barbacoa as well, but the crock-pot wasn't big enough. The take-away is to always use quality meat in your soups and stews.

Living in Texas well over 20 years, guess what I learned? There are no beans in Texas chili! Whaa?! Yep, I'm in violation of having beans in my chili. <If you could see my face now...> You can look this up anywhere on the world wide web. Do I care? Nope. With that being said, my chili will forever have BEANS in them. "Beans' Chili... It's NOT a Texas thing".

Did you know there were no beans in chili?



fajita beef
regular pork sausage
spicy pork sausage
tomatoes: fresh, diced, sauce
bell peppers: red, orange, yellow
chili powder
black pepper
cayenne pepper
pepper flakes
seasoned salt
garlic salt
black beans
pinto beans

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GRILLED PEACHES & HERB INGREDIENTS:6-7 peaches (real peaches, not nectarines), 1/4 tsp. nutmeg, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1/4 c. brown sugar (dark brown, light brown, it doesn't matter...just brown sugar), fresh lemon thyme sprig or 1 tbsp. (dry should be okay since the liquid from the peach will reconstitute the dryness)
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I have never seen so many bird nests around our yard as I have this year.
We discovered nests in my wall flower box, a crepe myrtle tree at the driveway, and in a utensil caddy near the grill. 

I understood the nest in the crepe myrtle tree, but the other two locations were brave and had me in awe that birds even considered building and raising babies there. We walk through those areas all the time! Perhaps the birds considered us loving enough to not disturb their areas. Nevertheless, I took pride in having areas where the birds felt comfortable enough to be so close, including us in their circle of nature. 

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birdies in flower box video