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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!

Everyone has a childhood hero. At some point we've had an idol. 
Do you ever grow out of either? Nope. Mr. B. is a perfect example of his childhood hero and grown-up idol.....

Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman!

Batman, Batman, Batman!

Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman!

Batman, Batman, Batman!

Batman, Batman, Batman!

Batman, Batman, Batman!

Batman, Batman, Batman!

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Copyright: Lyrics (c) Original Writer & Publisher
The room is a small 10x9 which served many purposes, from our oldest's bedroom, to storage. With the kids leaving, it now serves its purpose as "The Batcave".  It was a fun project, with much toil and sleepless, hungry nights. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing all the pieces come together. I worked from hand-drawn plans with minimal tweaks. This goes back to me always saying planning is important.

I understand dark colors make a space seem small and although the theme of the room is a cave, I chose to not black-out the room. In addition, I didn't want Mr. B. going all emo on us. I chose an excellent dark grey color, in a flat finish.

I never knew how serious the man was about Batman, until the completion and reveal of the room. He is very appreciative of the room and spends most of his time in it. Most of ALL his time.

I hope you enjoy the pics. If you have questions on any project, give me a shout!

Walls: Imperial Gray by Behr. The Millenials must've changed the spelling of grEy to grAy. I'm not giving in to it. 

Ceiling: repainted with Imperial Gray
Ugh, that looks like such a typo.

Flooring: LVT from The Last Inventory

Batman logo light: black foam board and Halloween lights from Big Lots

Greatest villain (in my opinion): The Joker! Top pic drawn by our 13 yo/ Halloween lights: Big Lots/packaged toy: Dollar Tree/ bottom pic:ordered from Hobby Lobby/ various masks: bottom voice-activated one from Aldi, center one is a cd holder: top one is from a yard sale

Secret door into Boom Boom Room (later blog): framed bat wings: printed from internet/ frame & chain: Dollar Tree; I have an extension cord leading to the lights woven into the chain.
Various frames & shadow box contents: Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree. I forgot where I found the cars.

Bar & Fridge: old computer hutch repainted with mini fridge outfitted in the bottom; sorry..thought I had a pic.

Top frame: Salvation Army with Batman art attached to the outside of the frame with industrial Velcro/ Batman art: Hobby Lobby
Bottom frame: cover from a magazine

Glass bottles: Dollar Tree/ Glass decanter & skulls: leftover Halloween decor/ Ice bucket: The Soaring Eagle Thrift Shop & spray-painted black/ bats: Dollar Tree/ letter 'B': Thrift Town thrift store & spray-painted black & blue/ figurine: yard sale

Outside frames: Salvation Army, scarves ordered from Hobby Lobby
Center art: printed from internet then modpodged over a spray-painted canvas

'Barron' frames: Dollar Tree/ paper prints & letters: ordered from Hobby Lobby/ bats: Dollar Tree/ letters glued onto outside of frames with Loctite
Chair: from Gramma; one of those thin leather brown chairs. I spray-painted it black & blue, then coated with Scotchguard. Hey, I'll spray-paint just about everything.

Let him tell it...this is Batman himself!
Side table: Walmart; sprayed the table dark yellow, laid down a letter 'B' from Hobby Lobby then sprayed over it with black; sealed the table with poly. Outfit: all Mr. B's creation. I have no claim to that. 


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