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Fish Bowl Bookends

This project turned out pretty awesome if I may say so. I had the idea of fish bowl bookends and took to Google. I hardly found anything but came across some round ones. I was going to order a pair, but for some reason the site wasn't working. Hmmm, was that a hint?

Because I always see a "project" in mind, I don't throw away many potential project items, careful not to accumulate too much like my mother. We had some empty liquor bottles lying around. From here, the fun begins. 

fishbowl bookends

fishbowl bookends


TOOLS: wet tile saw
MATERIALS: 2 large liquor bottles with 2 flat sides/ coarse sandpaper/ aquarium rocks/ spring water or water applicable to the fish type/ fishbowl aquarium decor/ aquatic plants applicable to the fish type/ fish (duh)/ funnel/ fish food
HELP: none if you're skilled with a wet tile saw

  • I wanted pink fish for my project room. I researched and purchased two beta fish. I named the 'delta tail' Leroy and the 'baby girl' Sparkles. The names just came to me. There was another extraordinarily pink male fish but I wasn't about to pay $14 for a fish.
  • Ensure you follow the seller's care and instructions for the fish. This includes the acclimation period for the bowl water before introducing the fish.
  • I purchased the bamboo plants (actually dracaena) from a dollar store; yes, live plants from a dollar store.
  • Use decor that won't peel over time due to being in standing water.
  • It is recommended to change your beta water every week. With the plants, my water stays crystal clear. I change the water once a month. Again, follow seller and manufacturer instructions for your fish and materials.
  • Remove the labels from the liquor bottles
  • Use the wet tile saw to cut off the top portion of the bottles 1/2 - 1 inch away from the neck of the bottle. If you try to cut it flush, it will slightly crack. 
  • Sand the top of the bottle where it was cut, til smooth.
  • Wash out the bottles, rinsing thoroughly. You don't want any drunk or dead fish.
  • Use the funnel to pour the rocks into each bottle.
  • Pour the water into the bottles
  • Drop the decor in the bottles. If you have other decor besides what will easily drop into the bottle, good luck.
  • Add the fish.
  • Add the plants. Don't smoosh the fish with the plant.


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