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Intro to gardening

Gardening is my solitude. It is my get-away from the worries that may be brewing inside me, the woes and frustrations I may have. When I step outside, I'm in a whole other zone, my zone.

I credit my Mom for my gardening passion. She, too would plant seeds each year.  Without knowing at the time and now knowing, I remember phlox, day lilies, roses, irises, and many edibles such as tomatoes, squash, okra, peppers, and collard greens.

I never had much of a green thumb until now. I used to not be able to keep a simple pothos ivy alive. I've also had my share of killing cactus plants. I still fail at plants, especially new ones. For this reason I try to stick to what I know and use repetition of plants that are tried and true. Remember, I'm not perfect. Plants that I do not do well with, I learn from. I learn if their survival was from my neglect, mis-education, or if they're just not the plants for me.

Each year I spend hundreds of dollars on landscaping items. I suppose it is my addiction. When I put my hands to a task I like the satisfaction of seeing the results afterwards. This is another reason why I love gardening. Toiling in the soil, walking barefoot on the lawn, pulling, ripping, digging, burying, these are all the satisfactions I get from gardening. There's also a nurturing aspect I enjoy with no backtalk; a hint and a wink to my kids.

I have many herbs, a rose section, privacy screens in progress, an orange tree, gardenia, a small pond, and a plethora of other perennials.

Through my gardening blogs I will share my successes and failures; lessons learned and projects, all planned and unplanned.

These are some older photos of plants I have in my garden beds.
Image may contain: plant and outdoor
milkweed & guara
Image may contain: plant
purple salvia
Image may contain: plant

Image may contain: plant and indoor
elephant ears
Image may contain: plant and outdoor


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