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Stewart Beach- Galveston, TX

Stewart Beach in Galveston was our first family vacation venture. We hadn't been on vacations before and Mr. B decided we should just go! That, we did. Everyone was excited to pack. Of course our daughter over-packed. Who cared? 

Mr. B seems to always want a carwash after getting fuel- always. Why did he forget the luggage was on back of the truck? Hilarious!
Galveston 2011
Getting to Galveston we checked into a hotel and became friends with the owners. They told Mr. B he'd be considered a Pakistani king because of his physique. Whatever. Of course he took it to his head and still does to this day. We ended up loving the hotel, spending the majority of our days and time in the pool! 
Galveston 2011
Visiting the thrift stores was fun. We seemed to find better finds there. Thank God, we have a truck. We almost purchased a scooter. Excluding fast food spots, most restaurants are good, too. Although I grew up eating gulf seafood, I am definitely not a fan anymore. It has a bleachy taste. There are also a few awesome family fun areas. We had a blast there!
Galveston 2011
Upon visiting the beach I admit I wasn't too impressed. I'm used to white sand. The sand in Galveston was more so dirt, like dirt dirt. The water was extremely salty and dirty; the epitome of the gulf I suppose. Between the sand and water, it was not my cup of tea, but what mattered most was the enjoyment of my family. We would go back in a heartbeat and have done so several times. The kids absolutely loved every moment of it. And that was enough for us. 
Galveston 2011


  1. Galveston beach is great, if that's all you've got. Sounds like a good vaca for the family. Next time just you and the hubs, right? ;-)

    1. Thanks CGPlenty. That's true if considering a beach get-away and it's close enough. Just me & Mr. B to Galveston, meh. I think it's a great family spot. I appreciate your comment!


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