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THE LAST Anxiety Attack

When I hear the word 'stress' I think to myself "Yea, yea, yeah. What can you do about it?"
I no longer have this frame of mind. Why? My husband and kids took me through THE LAST anxiety attack I could stand to handle. I cannot remember what pissed me off so badly to onset it. All I remember is the terrible pain that remained in my chest for a full week. It was so sore. At that moment, I decided, "never again". 

To date, I have a renewed state of mind to not let anyone or anything perturb me so as to affect my health and state of mind. Sure, I may become upset briefly but that is just it, briefly. Why should I compromise my health and mindset for others who could care less? As far as I'm concerned, they only care to see that you're buried (or burned) and wonder what remains of your possessions to divvy amongst their outstretched hands. And as divvy means to divide and share, what are the chances that will effectively happen?

I used to talk and give advice til I turned blue in the face. Yeah, that's a visual for you. Once you see a person is not interested in the positive candor you're willing to freely give, you must decide for yourself if continuing to deal with them is even worth it. And this does not matter if it is family, friends, whomever. Everyone has a moment of taking advantage of and/ or being taken advantage of. No more will anyone take advantage of me. I decide. 

People are only interested in what they can get out of a situation. Human leeches is what they are. Your advice isn't what they necessarily seek. It is to only dump their dramatic issue upon you to see if your response "matches" their expectation. They only want to hear what they want to hear. Don't allow people to use you as their trash can nor recycle bin. They will dump their mess onto you and with your human nature, you take on the worry of their drama. They will circle back to you recycling the same mess. They go about their daily lives not worrying about it anymore because now you hold their problem. And why do you?

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