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How I Got Into TX Homeschooling (unschooling)

I had no peaceful choice but to begin homeschooling our 12 year old. Thanks a lot for your failed efforts public schools! I'm not the mother to debunk my child's demeanor as though he's a reincarnated angel, so I will first lay out who he is. He is a very intelligent, mischievous, clever, young man. The mischievousness he gets into is always running his mouth, being very debating, and 'knowing it all'. He tends to get into much of his troubles after completing his work, becoming bored. This also happens when he knows the answers to questions or has debates about lessons. Then cue his railroad mouth. We've received several accolades from different schools and teachers of how he's such a great speaker, always debating, and will someday be a great lawyer or politician. Eek!

Teaching styles matter, but are lacking.
Most instructors just don't work well with gifted and advanced students.
We've requested several times for teachers to always give him extra work to do. We've also asked them to let him get started on the upcoming lessons. They don't do it. Although we've told him to look ahead at the next lessons, he either doesn't have the resources (no books or materials in front of him) or he's not permitted to do so. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place; we felt "stuck". 

School types do not matter much.
Finding an awesome school is a hard task. In a nutshell, I'm going to say that schools are not exempt from the bottom line of obtaining funds. I often say there are many "programs" the schools are scrambling to implement. However, the schools are not working these programs effectively. My son was part of an all male 'program'. The school pitched the 'program' very well before he attended. However, they stopped saying the creed, the reading material they were supposed to have read didn't happen. The field trips and outreaches didn't happen. It became more of a social club to no full, positive affect. The latest school we had him placed in was a trilingual charter school, withdrawing him from the public school system. We felt it would be an excellent challenge for him, but the same was happening. He wasn't challenged. He got mixed with the wrong crowds, became mischievous, breezed through his work, became bored with the others, and so on. One more thing we've noticed at the schools is how quickly the teachers 'disappear'. There's never any notice of it either. You must hear from your child "Oh Mr./Ms. ___ isn't there anymore." And most times these begin as the 'good' teachers. Hard sigh.

Time to withdraw...
We withdrew him and began homeschooling because personally, we could no longer take the pettiness from school officials beckoning us at every whim of having to hear he did this and he did that and he's not doing this and he's not doing that. It was just too much. From talking at the lunch table, to playing too rough during P.E. Hello, we have an intelligent, highly kinesthetic, energetic, BOY! This was not omitted from initial enrollment paperwork either!

How we do it working full-time:
I really didn't give a second thought to calling on my friend Christine. She homeschooled her youngest son for two years! I thought it was only one, but for her to do it two years amazed me and assured I could do it, too. She enrolled him in high school for his freshman through senior years and did great. The young man is doing well in college now! 

I also did a lot of research on legalities, co-ops, and support groups. Much to my surprise there is amazing information out there. Homeschoolers have their own events such as social clubs, proms, sports and high school graduation! So, he won't miss out on anything. 

We're loving it!
I started him on a lot of reviewing prior to receiving and beginning the aBeka program. I give him his materials in the mornings. In the evenings, Mr. B. gets home well before I do and gets him started. When I arrive we review his work together and start on the next day's assignments, incorporating STEM projects as well. He loves it and honestly, so do I! I wish I could afford to do it full-time. He loves the hands-on projects. Follow-up to his measurements and volume Math reviews, he baked a lemon loaf cake. I don't partake in such sweets, but OMG, it turned out incredible! It was so moist. I refused to help him because the lesson was regarding measurements, volumes, and following directions. He passed with flying taste-buds! Now, he wants to bake every day. Mr. B will love that! We're in this for at least a few years. 

We can breathe.
We now have more peace from not being harassed by the school staff. I don't stress anymore or worry if he's being challenged. We don't have to worry about who's lying on whom or who said what. We have enough hopes and excitement to support our child ALL THE WAY.
We can do this!
We will do this!

Here are some helpful links I came across upon researching homeschooling in Texas. I don't endorse any of them. They're listed as references only. There are others online as well. I encourage you to do your own research and have support. You can do it, too!


  1. Glad you found the right formula for your little man's education. I'm sure he'll go far!

    1. Thanks. It's working out quite well for and with him.


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