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Who Am I?- My Lineage Part 1

I have always been interested in the genealogy of my family. Growing up in the deep south of rural Alabama it's always interesting to know if you have even a little bit of "Indian" (Native American) in your blood. A tell-tale sign is always the perfect skin and hair.
I have an aunt with perfect skin (Mom's side).
One of my sisters has a lighter complexion. My other sister is dark and has longer hair when she takes care of it (different dads). My aunts have good skin (Dad's side).
One of my brothers has a good grade of hair which can be curly (different dads).

So, what am I really comprised of with this complex mesh of DNA I hold? I have very sensitive skin, super thick hair that's long when straightened and extremely curly when not (4c hair type), 'Babylon lashes' (that's what a makeup artist once told me), a no-nonsense attitude, and nurturing guidance.

Upon speaking with my aunt's cousin who is an extensive genealogy researcher, I found out my great, great, great- grandfather is of Irish descent. My first reaction was literally "huh?" My ignorant thought was 'Since when did black people come from Ireland?' I later learned there were black Irishmen, some slaves and some not.  

The last time I was home I was motivated to pursue further inquiries of my family. Surprisingly, not many people claimed to know much. I have contacted my distant cousin for additional information and will try to dig further. Someone has to know something.

In the meantime, I ordered two DNA kits from 23 and Me. One is for me and the other is for my husband. I thought my boat was rocky. His is a dingy compared to mine; another post perhaps. It will take a while to receive results (approximately a month) after I submit the saliva samples. Stay tuned for the results and thoughts!


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