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My Imperfect Butterflies

I learned this idea from Pinterest, but I had to improvise with what I had on hand. This is the perfect sit down, nothing else to do project. So, I dove into it while recovering from my surgery. Upon completion, these can be staked in any desired areas such as flower pots or flower beds. ITEMS NEEDED: 𐄂plastic containers 𐄂cutting tools: large scissors, tin snips, box cutter (not pictured) 𐄂permanent marker 𐄂drill with small drill bit 𐄂sturdy wire for stakes (ie: clothes hangers) 𐄂spray paint for plastic 𐄂butterfly template(s)                                                  INSTRUCTIONS: CREATE A TEMPLATE OR TWO: COMPUTER- GOOGLE- PAPER- PENCIL- TRACE CAREFULLY CUT USABLE PIECES FROM PLASTIC CONTAINERS TRACE TEMPLATE ONTO PLASTIC CAREFULLY CUT OUT BUTTERFLIES MARK TWO CENTERED DOTS ONTO BUTTERFLIES DRILL HOLES INTO DOTS FEED WIRE THROUGH HOLES SECURE WIRE/ TWIST ON UNDERSIDE OF BUTTERFLY SPRAY PAINT BUTTERFLIES (UNDERSIDE)

Dog & Garden Gate

My husband and son visited the local animal shelter and came out with THREE DOGS! They were on sale during the past Christmas season.  The dogs are forbidden from my garden area. So, I had to create a boundary for them. I searched for gates and screen doors to purchase. They were surprisingly pricey. Then I studied Pinterest pins for days. Okay, I was ready- easy peasy! All I used was scrap wood, chicken wire, a staple gun, hammer, nails, spray paint, and butterflies...all re-purposed materials. If your dogs are terrors with chewing and destroying everything , you better double-up on the chicken wire and not leave any space for them to tear through it. The key word is reinforcement! Have fun with your gate project. Send me pics of your simple project!

Spicy Quinoa

I am always looking for new ways to prepare quinoa, particularly to get my family on board with eating it more. They're rice fanatics! So, transitioning them over to quinoa used to be a challenge until it was their only prepared option- eat it or leave it. They're coming around though. Here's a creation I came up with experimenting with quinoa. INGREDIENTS: 𐄂1 c. quinoa 𐄂1 tbsp olive oil 𐄂1 tbsp minced shallots 𐄂1 tbsp diced color peppers 𐄂1/2 tsp diced jalepeno 𐄂1 tsp garlic salt

My Gramma

My Gramma can't stop- won't stop! The woman is 80 years blessed! I had the utmost honor of being in her presence recently to help celebrate her special birthday. Whether it is golden or platinum, it is hers to grace. Of all my recollections of experience or stories, I recount her as pain, joy, hurt and happiness, fire, sincere, shielding and gladness. From her I inherited tenacity, outspokenness, humility, business-sense, strength, photo-bombing skills, and dimples. My Gramma...can't stop- won't stop.  * 8 children * 20+ grandchildren * 25+ great-grandchildren*