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THE LAST Anxiety Attack

When I hear the word 'stress' I think to myself "Yea, yea, yeah. What can you do about it?" I no longer have this frame of mind. Why? My husband and kids took me through THE LAST anxiety attack I could stand to handle. I cannot remember what pissed me off so badly to onset it. All I remember is the terrible pain that remained in my chest for a full week. It was so sore. At that moment, I decided, "never again".  To date, I have a renewed state of mind to not let anyone or anything perturb me so as to affect my health and state of mind. Sure, I may become upset briefly but that is just it, briefly. Why should I compromise my health and mindset for others who could care less? As far as I'm concerned, they only care to see that you're buried (or burned) and wonder what remains of your possessions to divvy amongst their outstretched hands. And as divvy means to divide and share , what are the chances that will effectively happen? I used to talk and

Learned Communication

Compromising, communication, trust, respect... all elements of some form of communication. I learned a lot about communication and still do. You learn something everyday, right? I learned a lot about the foundation of communication. The beginning of my corporate knowledge began in Basic Training after I joined the U.S. Army. I heard of the Drill Sergeants pitting you against your platoon to coerce you into thinking rationally before making decisions. One Drill Sergeant would tell you one thing and another would tell you something contrary. Therefore, you had to decide to act or inquire.  I was grateful to get through Basic Training by staying alert and sensible. My Drill Sergeant once asked me if I belonged in his platoon. Everyone took this opportunity to snicker. Even I did. We were like 'what the heck is he talking about?' I've been here since day-1. You see, I didn't draw attention to myself. I listened attentively, asked questions when appropriate, took notes an

Cactus Corner

I got tired of people cutting the corner of our yard! I decided to create a "cactus corner" for the area. It works! In the space I included spike plants and agave I transplanted from the patio area and a red flower yucca plant. It's taking some time for the cactus plants to really flourish. Only the red flower yucca has substantial growth. I don't worry with the rest. I know they're there if no one else does....yet. New Editions are a few salvia plants. I had to plant those because regardless of the cactus being visible, I would still see kids cutting through, making a path AROUND the cactus area. I haven't noticed an ongoing problem recently with people cutting the corner through our yard and notice other residences with cactus corners. Do you plan to create one or something similar at the corner of your yard?

Work-Out Motivation

As the cellulite returns, so does my motivation to work out. Looking in the mirror, I'm like a deer in headlights. The cellulite is back. It left as I worked out hard and substantially cut back on my dairy. Then I had surgery December 2017 and hadn't worked out since. My previous motivation, along with getting rid of the cellulite, was to get rid of my belly bulge. I have that handled thanks to Metamucil, but could stand to tone. I even put that off. But now... I must get back into full force. Here goes another round of workouts. Stay tuned for updates. What motivates you to work out?

fam·i·ly ˈfam(ə)lē

I remember family gatherings (in lieu of funerals) as a time of fellowship with those you haven't seen in quite a while. There was no worry of who was going to sleep where, no mention of hotels. Everyone crashed on someone's floor. The designated person to barbecue was on deck, ready with the mopping brush, lemon, orange juice,  and gin. The outfits were in place with backups for the little ones. This was the time to get matching Summer outfits. The boys dressed alike and so did the girls. Remember the jelly sandals? The girl's hair was braided tight. As kids we didn't care about the logistics nor details. We were ready to see family, eat, run around, play in the plastic pool, drink as many sodas as we could, sneak beers from the cooler, eat watermelon, and go to the creek. Those were the days.  Moments such as these are rare nowadays. The nostalgia lingers but there's hardly any cooperation to rekindle those bygone days. There's often mention of "Oh, fam