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Flower Power Plant Addiction

Okay, I admit I have a plant addiction. I can talk about plants to no end! Sometimes I purchase plants I know I do not need, but I find a spot for them eventually. This year I didn't purchase as many as usual. I TRIED to refrain from doing so, even said I'm not buying ANY plants this year. Ha!  I read an article to create repetition in your garden spaces. This makes sense due to losing some plants that I either wasn't knowledgeable on care or they just weren't right for me nor this zone. That's another thing I learned. Just because a plant is pretty and available at your local nursery it doesn't mean it's right for the zone. Be careful of what you choose.  I am in the process of transforming our lawn spaces into as much xeriscaping and hardscaping as possible. We have a lot of lawn and what is the purpose of it? Constant maintenance of mowing and maintaining the appearance is a chore and costly. white oleander Around the house The flowerbeds cons

Grilled Salmon

This grill creation was my first time using cedar. I didn't have a cedar plank, only cedar chunks. I soaked them the day before in warm water and left covered overnight. I used the 'cedar water' to thaw the frozen salmon pieces, to infuse a bit of cedar into the fish. GRILLED SALMON INGREDIENTS : 2 lb. pkg of frozen salmon, 1 tsp. lemon pepper, 1/2 tsp. black pepper, 1/2 lemon, fresh lemon thyme (in water), cedar water TOOLS & EQUIPMENT :  grill, spatula YIELDS :  approximately 7 pieces STEPS : Remove cedar chunks & thaw frozen fish in cedar water. Season fish (skin side down) with lemon pepper and black pepper. Rub grill grates with cooking oil. Place fish (skin side down) on grill. Grill for 15 minutes. Place lemon thyme on fish. Grill for 5 minutes. Squeeze lemon on fish prior to serving.

Lemony Mint Water Diffusers

I have my own belief that herbal water is a benefit to clearer skin. I used to do this, then got lazy, but am now back diffusing my water with herbs and sometimes fruits.  Lemony Mint Water Diffusers INGREDIENTS : Lemon thyme Lemon Balm Mint Water TOOLS & EQUIPMENT :  Ice trays or small containers YIELDS :  approximately amount prepared in trays/ containers STEPS : Wash herbs. Remove herbs from stems. Place in ice tray sections. Add water. Freeze.

I'm So Over Quail

While visiting an Asian market the hubsz and I picked up two packs of quail. We hadn't had it in a long while. Initially we planned to have a quail cook-off. Naturally, it never happens and I end up cooking it all.  The reason I'm so over quail is because I'm a foodie and I love to get down to it when it comes to  eating. We FORGOT all the tiny bones quail has. It seemed to take f o r e v e r to get done with those lil tiny birds. Such is the same with rabbit and squirrel. It was good while it lasted. I'm so done.  My Quail & Mushrooms Creation Quail Bellini mushrooms garlic onion sage oregano chicken bouillon turmeric paprika black peper thyme