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Birthday Door Decoration

I found this cute project on Pinterest and decided to do it for my manager's birthday.  The flowers are a bit off-scale, but I did my best with what I could find. There was no green crepe paper. So I had to cut a plastic table cover to use as the flower stems. I can't remember ever using so much tape. I knew better to not use push-pins or other harsh mounting methods on the door. It was a small challenge removing the tackiness from the mounting squares used. Thank God for Goo-Gone! If you have any questions about this project, let me know.

Meat & Veggie Stir-Fry

This creation was inspired by a visit to Cosmic Cup Cafe in Dallas. The food there is very tasty. It is a vegetarian restaurant with a Bohemian vibe, centered around meditation and Indian cultural decor. I have enjoyed every dish I've had. Who knew veggies could taste so good? Although my dish has many vegetables, I couldn't resist throwing in chunks of meat. Hey, I never stated I'm a vegetarian. This is a quick grilled sensation. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS: MEATS VEGETABLES OTHER jalapeno beef smoked sausage raw shrimp chicken thighs small onion Brussells sprouts asparagus plum tomatoes cauliflower garlic 2 cans fire-roasted tomatoes garlic powder cayenne pepper Old Bay seasoning oregano tarragon basil paste ginger paste

Who Am I?- My Lineage Part 2/ Results

My husband and I received our DNA results from 23&Me. The turnaround was sooner than expected. As eager as we were to receive the results, we didn't review them until a week or so later. We were very busy and wanted to take our times going over the information.  We can both debunk our claims of Native American ancestry. I only have 0.6% while my husband's drop-down has 0.0%. Even more so, he can discontinue his 'slapahoe' tribe jokes. Ha! One thing I can take from this is, if your grandmother, or great-grandmother, and so on has ever had a long white-haired ponytail, don't attribute it to her being Native American. For your own information, find out to be sure. We've connected with "cousins" of whom we share DNA traits with, some close, some distant. For instance, I've connected with a 'cousin' in Ireland. While I've connected my husband with a 'cousin' in Oklahoma. It's rather interesting finding long-lost relatives

Display Shelves

After our kitchen project we were left with cabinet doors and pull-outs made of real, sturdy wood. I had all bottom cabinets replaced with new cabinet drawers and countertops.  I didn't want to just trash the old cabinets, as I try to re-purpose as much as I can. That's the fun in most of my projects. For one of the pull-outs I thought it would make a great display shelf for my project room. All it took was a little measuring, a few cuts, and a few tools and materials. TOOLS NEEDED: 🗹hammer 🗹small nails 🗹wood glue 🗹saw 🗹measuring tape 🗹trim 🗹Loctite or adhesive 🗹caulk 🗹paint 🗹drill & screws INSTRUCTIONS: 🗹 paint drawer & let dry 🗹 Measure & cut small wood pieces to desired shelf widths 🗹 glue ends of small wood pieces 🗹 nail small wood pieces onto drawer 🗹 fill gaps with Loctite or caulk 🗹 Measure trim pieces 🗹 Use Loctite or desired adhesive to affix to shelves. 🗹Secure shelves to wall 🗹Decorate with your favorite displa