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My Bernina

If you're reading this, you know what a gem I have with owning a Bernina. I grew up in a Singer household but was gifted with a Bernina years ago. It has turned out to be one of my best gifts. Last year I got it out of the repair shop and another lady was there to pick hers up. She had the same machine. She said she had hers for 40 years! I said "HUH?" Yep, forty years. My Mom, who's a seamstress, ran through so many machines. I don't sew often and it only needed to be put in the shop because my daughter attempted to alter her jeans into skinny jeans- broke my needles, set it off track, etc. So, putting it in the shop was well worth it. Here is a video of me  threading the machine and  pulling the bobbin thread.  pulling the bobbin thread With my Bernina I've made many mends, created lap scarves ( ), and have plans to create my own maxi skirts and dresses for the summer. I'll say I can hardly wait, but I also need to make the tim

My Mama!

My mama is one for the record books. She has gone through so much past and present. Haven't we all? As a child, I've seen all she's endured considering herself and her children. She birthed seven living children, two within the same year. Yes, a daughter in January and a son in December. We always ask Gramma how in the world she did that. Gramma simply says "She went out and got pregnant right after having the other one." Oooookay. Nuf said perhaps?  Indeed I learned most my cooking skills from my mama. If you need a variation of cooking chicken let me know. As Bubba Gump had his plethora of shrimp creations, so did my mama with her chicken dishes. Of course, the best was fried chicken. My favorite growing up was the drumstick. Now, it's the wing. Go figure. Anyway, you may wonder why I elaborate on her chicken so much? Because we grew up 7 deep (7 children), didn't have much, and she sure could stretch meals with that chicken. Don't get me started o

Brocolli & Beef Rice Paper Rolls

Every now and again I dabble in Asian food creations. At one while Mr. B banned me from doing so. I cannot recall what dish I goofed on. I think he was exaggerating when he (air quotes) banned me from cooking it.  I'm often trying to find various healthy options of foods. I picked up a pack of rice paper wraps and was in a pinch of what to cook for dinner. I had some ground beef leftovers and broccoli. The wraps were rather small but worked. These turned out quite tasty and filling. The chile dipping sauce (see blog post) was great as well. INGREDIENTS: 𐄂cooked ground beef 𐄂cooked broccoli 𐄂garlic salt 𐄂black pepper 𐄂oregano 𐄂smoked paprika 𐄂turmeric