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FINALLY a pond!

What's more tranquil than the sound of water? The sound of it trickling, bubbling, streaming; it doesn't matter to me. There's a soothing calm from it. Ever since we removed a large oak tree from our patio area (it was far too close to the house), I've dreamed of having a small pond in the space. I've had my materials for a few years, the pond insert maybe longer. Now, my pond project has finally come to completion (sort of because I'm sure I'll purchase something else for the space)! To stock the pond I plan to use lake minnows and a turtle. They're free. Besides, I'd like to try out the free minnows before purchasing a goldfish. I originally wanted koi but  upon researching I quickly learned they are not the fish for me. I wouldn't have the space nor patience for them. I'm a no/ low maintenance person when it comes to my garden projects. So, koi could not be in the plan.  I'd love to hear your comments on this project as well as sug

Church Makeover- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I was appointed by the Pastor as our church custodian. Upon appointment, I asked if it was okay if I redecorated the spaces as well, turned around for any objections- nothing.  The answer was an elated "yes!" from the Pastor.  The areas were the men's & ladies' restrooms, foyer, office, kitchen, Pastor's Study, & Pastor's restroom. Everyday I sketched designs for the spaces with excitement. I visited my favorite thrift stores and Dollar Tree for decor and storage pieces. I even ordered posters online. Hobby Lobby was also a great spot for decor finds.  The condition of what I found was (no words). There were old, dusty, fake flowers literally stuffed everywhere. Judging from the heavy accumulation of dust, it seemed to not have been cleaned in years. I reused what furniture pieces and decor I could, removing what I could not. It was either worth being trashed or donated. I ended up giving the pile to a church member. You would've thought som

Four Hands & Nine Hours- A Pergola in a Day

I have wanted a pergola for years. The fancy ones, even in simplest structure, were a minimum of $1k and I always knew I could construct my own. I just had to do it. I use the community app NextDoor and a kind lady happened to post her desire to get rid of cedar wood left over from her pergola build, which was gorgeous by the way. I immediately responded that I would pick it up. Free cedar wood? Of course, I couldn't let that pass! I was going to blog the entire process of me building this thing, but it just wasn't happening. The sun was a total, brutal beat-down and my frustration level had far exceeded any hint of considering a blog idea. Forget that. The advice I can give is that you can do this project, too! The instructions I had, called for one size of something and I needed another size of something else. Plan your project and ensure you have all materials, tools, and help available!  My husband drilled the two holes for the post bases.  Me and my thirteen year old s