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Grilled Chicken with Mixed Peppers

This creation was one I quickly put together so Mr. B could place it on his charcoal grill. We ended up eating it with tortillas and salsa. GRILLED CHICKEN with MIXED PEPPERS INGREDIENTS: ⏭boneless, skinless chicken thighs 𐄂garlic salt 𐄂dried curry 𐄂anaheim peppers 𐄂onions 𐄂mushrooms 𐄂color peppers TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: 𐄂foil pan 𐄂foil YIELDS: approximately text STEPS: 𐄂Line foil pan with foil. 𐄂Season meat with garlic salt & dried curry. 𐄂Place meat in pan. 𐄂Chop onions, mushrooms, & peppers. 𐄂Add on top of seasoned chicken. 𐄂Cover meat with foil. 𐄂Grill for 1 hour.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Darting through the produce section of an Asian market, gathering a little of this and several of that, I meet Mr. B with gleaming eyes. "Look at all this cool stuff I found!" Japanese sweet potatoes, bright red roma tomatoes, ginger, tiny mushrooms, all great finds. Assuming the sweet potato would be the same as a regular one, it wasn't the same. This is my creation using the wonderful yam. JAPANESE SWEET POTATOES INGREDIENTS :  𐄂3 large Japanese sweet potatoes 𐄂2 tbsp. salted sweet cream butter 𐄂1/2 tsp. dry ginger 𐄂1/4 tsp. nutmeg 𐄂7 dry 7 pitted dates 𐄂1/2 c. brown sugar TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: 𐄂pressure cooker 𐄂large mixing bowl 𐄂potato masher YIELDS :  approximately 6 cups STEPS: 𐄂Peel potatoes. 𐄂Cook in pressure cooker. 𐄂Add potatoes & remaining ingredients t o  𐄂large mixing bowl. 𐄂Mash, blending all ingredients.

My Weekends ALMOST Slipped Away

I realize I've started to let the very things I omitted from my weekends creep back in: laundry and cooking. The Google definition of weekend: the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, especially regarded as a time for leisure .  I highlighted the operative phrase within this definition. It is everything I've been missing. A few Saturdays ago I noticed I was, wait for it...doing laundry! A Saturday before that and thereafter I was, wait for Friday, Saturday, and some Sundays! Now wait just a friggin minute! I decided some time ago that 1: I'm not cooking on weekends. I'm "taking off" Fridays and Saturdays. I MIGHT cook a big meal on Sundays...MIGHT. And 2: I'm not doing laundry on weekends: washing, drying, folding, hanging, and putting away. All that consumes an entire day! So I said to myself, "Uh, hello. WHAT am I doing?" Let's just be naked- Who's going to gather the clothes from the living room,

A Living Dry River Bed

What the heck is a living dry river bed? I made it up; well sort of. I call it living because I have plants alongside it and within the pot. It isn't just rocks waiting on water to bring it to life. The rest is self-explanatory as far as the dry river bed.  I obtained the rocks from doing a passion project for my neighbor. I claim passion projects as being gardening projects I complete out of my love for it, getting nothing in return except the satisfaction of seeing the end-result. She had large stones that circled trees in her yard. She wanted them removed so the mowers could do their job efficiently and also she just wanted them removed. Score for me! The path was outlined using string.  I laid out the stones on each side then filled in the space with rocks. I placed a broken terra cotta pot (discounted from the local hardware store) at the beginning of the bed where a downspout lay. I planted a blue lithodora plant inside the pot positioning it for a waterfall effect. 

For Modest Ladies (lap scarves)

Don't limit lap scarves for ministry use only. Also use them for business meetings or other outings where you find yourself needing a bit more modesty. Also consider using one when your seating option is a bit sketchy and you don't want to ruin your attire. This is one of two lap scarves I created for my First Lady from church. black & gold, paisley premium scarf My own creativity goes into each scarf.  I won't necessarily create the same one. So, get it while it's available!  Once it's sold, it's gone.  No custom orders are taken at this time. Visit  to view and purchase additional scarves!

Dried Lemon Slices

I got tired of my lemons and limes going bad quicker than I could use them. I began freezing wedges, to use in drinks, water infusions, and cooking. I've been on a roll with using my dehydrator and decided to experiment with the lemon slices. DRIED LEMON SLICES INGREDIENTS : 🗹Lemons TOOLS & EQUIPMENT : 🗹dehydrator YIELDS : approximate amount of lemons used STEPS : Wash lemons. Slice thin. Remove seeds. Arrange on dehydrator trays. Dehydrate overnight, removing dry slices and rotating trays.

Salmon Croquettes

I am sure everyone can prepare the world's best salmon croquettes.  I'm not going to debate it. I grew up eating the mackerel version because it cost much less than salmon. I love palatable textures in my food. These are simple with a crunchy outside texture and are moist inside. Here is my version of salmon croquettes; world's best in my opinion. SALMON CROQUETTES INGREDIENTS :  𐄂1 can salmon 𐄂1/2 c. all-purpose flour 𐄂1/3 c. cornmeal 𐄂1/2 tsp. paprika 𐄂1/4 tsp. sage 𐄂1 dash cayenne 𐄂1/4 tsp. garlic salt 𐄂1/4 tsp. oregano 𐄂1 small diced onion 𐄂1 egg 𐄂1 c. vegetable oil TOOLS & EQUIPMENT :  𐄂skillet 𐄂2 wooden spoons 𐄂1 slotted spoon 𐄂large mixing bowl 𐄂large dish 𐄂paper bag or paper towels YIELDS :  approximately 13 small croquettes STEPS: 𐄂 Add to mixing bowl: salmon & egg onion & spices flour & cornmeal 𐄂Heat the cooking oil. 𐄂Mix the ingredients. 𐄂Spoon the ingredients

Pensacola Beach- Pensacola, FL

After visiting the beach in Galveston, TX I promised my family I would show them real sand, white sand, beach sand. Pensacola Beach is the beach I remember visiting growing up in Alabama; the white sand, seashells (ouch), cleaner water.  I also remember the buckets of blue crab and shrimp my uncle would bring my Mom. She loved stuffed crab. As stated in my Galveston, TX blog, I grew up eating gulf seafood, but now I can't stand the stuff.  There is plenty to do in Pensacola with lots of shopping. I'm a thrift store fan(atic) and it never fails me to come across an awesome find, especially brand-new items. We really enjoyed the experience at Pensacola beach: the food, fun, sand, water- good times. Our next venture on this route will be Destin Beach. I hear it's even better. 

Do you have Moonflowers?

Moonflowers are the most interesting flowers I have in my garden collection. I never heard of them until a friend, Alissa told me about them. She gave me a bagful of seeds with seedpods. Ever since, I've loved them! When I'm gifted a part of nature, I name the plant for the person who gave them to me. Hence, I have nicknamed the moonflowers in my garden Alissa's moonflowers.  The flowers bloom at dusk, on an overcast day, and at night. I don't do anything to them besides try to contain them in their own area and away from my neighboring tomatoes. They are very low-maintenance and drought tolerant. I was warned they are invasive, self-seeders, and poisonous. I've experienced all but thankfully, the latter.  Enjoy these videos of the flowers opening!  Excuse the loud barking.  On the first video (dark), the moth startled me a bit; was the size of a small hummingbird! You can also see how they bloom at dusk and also at night.