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My Face Cleansing Routine

One thing I've learned is stick to what you know best and what's best for you.  I have sensitive skin and have struggled through a mass of regimens of fails and wants. I've used several products only for the same product to no longer work because I suppose my skin has gotten accustomed to it, developing some sort of resistance or the formula has changed in some way. I've wanted to try several infomercial products but thought of chances it may be the same case as any other product. Not to mention being locked into some ongoing subscription. Let me say that I'm not a licensed anesthetician nor dermatologist and I don't play one on TV. I'm only sharing what is working for me in maintaining healthy skin for my face. It may seem a bit much, but hey, it works for me. I often wear a full face of makeup during workdays. If I get breakouts I know exactly why: eating too much chocolate, grease, and/ or sweets.  Daytime (Morning): Wash- Neutrogena A

Who Am I?- My Lineage Part 1

I have always been interested in the genealogy of my family. Growing up in the deep south of rural Alabama it's always interesting to know if you have even a little bit of "Indian" (Native American) in your blood. A tell-tale sign is always the perfect skin and hair. I have an aunt with perfect skin (Mom's side). One of my sisters has a lighter complexion. My other sister is dark and has longer hair when she takes care of it (different dads). My aunts have good skin (Dad's side). One of my brothers has a good grade of hair which can be curly (different dads). So, what am I really comprised of with this complex mesh of DNA I hold? I have very sensitive skin, super thick hair that's long when straightened and extremely curly when not (4c hair type), 'Babylon lashes' (that's what a makeup artist once told me), a no-nonsense attitude, and nurturing guidance. Upon speaking with my aunt's cousin who is an extensive genealogy researcher,