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In 1492 The Native Americans got #$$#d Too

Yes, I said it. "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue" was a thankful phrase to pass the American history tests we took in elementary school. My foremost thought on ole Christopher Columbus is that he discovered no more than what was already here. 

So yeah, American Natives got hoodwinked, bamboozled, tricked, and conned into accepting diseases and pestilences from the wretched filthy rats from Columbus' crew. Columbus was a con man who loved the sea, who loved to sail. He conned Spain into funding his voyage. He conned the Native Americans into fruitless peace treaties and exchanges that greatly benefited the travelers. You mean to tell me the Native Americans were the ones who were taught how to grow crops? 

He was also a confused man, assuming he'd reached India and giving the indigenous people the Indian name. Confused, I can understand, but for how long did we continue this farce and even to this day, continue to call the Native people Indians? For this reason I now address the Natives as Native Americans, not Indians. 

As children, we were taught what we wanted to be taught. Our parents didn't know any better as they were taught the same. Or were they? The 'Columbus Lie' teaches us as parents to teach our children to always, always find out the truth of the matter on your own. In other words, do your research. Stop taking everyone's word at face- value. This is to not have them build a wall of distrust in everyone, but to have a sense of research and understanding for themselves on what is fact and what is fiction. 

I understand negative history and positive history balances one another and found one good thing that came out of Columbus' voyage. Thanks for the day off work.

Enjoy these excerpts from the TV series 'Blackish'. I sure did. Search and watch the full episode. These are my thoughts exactly on Columbus. What a joke. 


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